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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ignorance, prejudice... and warm wishes always...

Someone calling herself Kylie Suarzes sent me this note, published here in full (excepting the deletion of two names of journalists, mentioned a bit disparagingly), without comments:

Dear Frederick, Hi! I trust this mail finds you in good health. First of all it was good to read your work in the Goan Womans ebook.

I enjoyed reading it thoroughly and felt so proud to be a Goan. But I want to mention that chapter nine 'Goan women in fine print' was absolutely Incomplete.

First of all you forgot to mention a leading young goan journalist -- Cheryl Rodrigues, who started her career with Herald only in class XI.

She won the Best poem competition in Herald in class VII and has been pursuing writing since then. Her articles were one of the best as far as I remember and were much appreciated by all readers. She was so creative and covered good issues. She contributed not just to Herald Friends (Youth supplement) but also to the magazine Herald Insight, under Ethel Da Costa.
She covered some of the best stories for the youth and the Goan community at large. She interviewed some of the best personalities too.

Yet you had not a word of mention about her.

She went ahead to write for Home and Garden, a magazine started by Guru Sardessai in Panjim. She also worked as a Radio journalist for programmes like Yuvvavani. and as a Radio Jockey on All India Radio.

Thanks to her influence and inspiration, she got the so-called good writers .... [names deleted --FN] involved in Journalism. She was the Pioneer and they only followed her footsteps.

So much so that when she went to pursue Journalism in one of the best colleges, Bombay College of Journalism (Mumbai), [names deleted-FN] only followed suit. Nothing much can be said about their writing, which lacks structure and a good editing style.

Cheryl went International by becoming the Desk editor and staff writer for Kuwait Times, and continued some of the best stories for them and yet Mr Frederick you had of appraisal for her.

How can anyone write an article without mentioning Cheryl Rodrigues, anout spoken talent that even [names deleted -FN] can vouch for. It is nothing but a shame. As a matter of fact, I'm sure she will be more than disappointed to even hear about this.

This is what discourages us Goans. Few writers like you, inspired by your lack of awareness, prejudices and ignorance tend to shun out some ofthe brillinat achievers our society has produced.

Thank you. I look forward to your response in this regard.
Warm wishes always,
Kylie Suarzes

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